Prescott Family History

This Prescott family is currently taken to be the descendants of James Prescott who was born in the town of St Helens, Lancashire in 1810.

The earliest Prescott occupations centred around the glass industry of St Helens where they worked in the manufacture of plate glass and mirrors at a time when rough cast sheets of glass had to be ground and polished. There was at least one known fatal accident involving a Prescott son and grinding machinery. Glass artefacts still exist from this time and include an engraved glass tankard, an inkwell and a slab of polished glass.

Local and national politics have played an inportant role for some of the decendants of James and there have been several Mayors and Mayoresses (Crewe, Godmanchester) and two Members of Parliament (Darwen, Tottenham North). The Prescotts have also supplied Chairmen for many public bodies including Middlesex County Council and the Metropolitan Water Board.

The male line decended from James' eldest son William is now extinct with the last male Prescott being the headmaster of Buxworth School, Derbyshire. The descendents of William's daughter Ellen, visited St Helens on July 24th 2002 in search of family locations. The glassworks at Sutton, where they were known to work, has long since been demolished and the site remains unused except for a glass recycling business on the northeast side. One former Prescott house at 66 Peckers Hill Lane was found to be currently in use as a butchers shop. Another house at Ditch Hillock had been redeveloped and now forms part of New Street and Waterdale Place, near to the Glassmakers Arms. A visit to the nearby churchyard of St Nicholas found several Prescott gravestones including that of James.

There are still living Prescotts descended from James' third son Jonadab who moved to Blackburn, Lancashire around 1884. Jonadab's branch is perhaps the most interesting and has included a convict, a knight and three baronets.

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