Wade Family History

The Wade family are thought to have originally migrated to the Liverpool area from Chester during the early 1850's. Several generations of Wade's found work in the dockyards of Bootle. Like many families in Victorian Liverpool the Wade's will have faced the stresses of poverty, poor housing and il-health.

Around the year 1900 the marriage between Matthew Wade and Margaret Johnson broke down and Matthew moved into lodgings while Margaret and some of their children move in with her daughter Harriet and family. Their teen-age daughter Sarah became an inmate of Liverpool Juvenile Refomatory for Girls around this time.

Around 1904 Sarah found work as a nurse in Blackburn, Lancashire and married Joseph Herberts from Leamington in 1907. Sarah and Joseph had three children between 1907 and 1913. After losing her husband Joseph during the First World War, Sarah remarried to Joseph Walsh and had two more children. Sarah died in an accident on a coach journey to Blackpool in the summer of 1930.

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