Herberts Family History

The earliest Herberts are known from the Warwick/Leamington Priors area of Warwickshire, England and at least several generations in the 19th-Century worked in the furniture trade as upholsterers, gilders,furniture packers and french polishers.

Joseph Herbert left Warwickshire around 1906 to work as a french polisher in the, then, boom town of Blackburn, Lancashire. Joseph was killed towards the end of the First World War, leaving a young wife and three children. His daughter, Miriam and a son, David survived to adulthood. Miriam's descendants are continued in the Pickup family line. The Herberts descendants of David are now scattered in the UK, Europe and Canada. There has been a tradition of service in the armed forces by the Herberts decendants of Joseph for most of the 20th-Century.

The origin of the name 'Herberts' is uncertain. Before the 1907 marriage of Joseph, all family records show the name to be the more usual form of 'Herbert' although the records may not reflect actual spoken usage. There are a number of possibilities to explain the modern form with the final 's'. It could be an anglicisation of the Central European or Jewish 'Herbertz'although there is no evidence to support this. It could be a Welsh patronymic, meaning 'the son of Herbert'. There are pockets of this name in Cardiganshire. It could also be a simple clerical error which went uncorrected due to family dispersal and early deaths. I personally think that it started as a in-joke when 'Herbert' was used both as a surname and (incorrectly) as a middle name name on the marriage certificate of 1907.

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