Cooper Family History

This branch of the Cooper family lived in Blackburn, Lancashire from at least 1800 and perhaps even earlier. Y-DNA evidence suggests an North African or Iberian origin. One possible source may be one of the Asturian Roman Auxilliaries posted to the Ribchester/Bremetenacum fort in northern Britain during the second century AD.

The 18th century Coopers were probably agricultural labourers but by he early 19th century Coopers were working in iron-founding and steam-engine building. This was followed by two generations working in cotton-weaving from the industry's peak in Blackburn during the latter half of the 19th-century through to its decline in the town in the 1960's.

There have been a number of Cooper emigrations to the United States and Canada over the years. The first known was in 1913 but again after WW1; after WW2, and again in more recent times.

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